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Happy Customers are a great thing to boast about, and we have many. Just some who kindly allowed us to post what they thought….

“Robbie and the lads did a great job, minimal mess – very neat. The security lighting and door camera is great for me to be able to see who is at the door beforehand.”

Mary in Lucan, Co Dublin

“The CCTV system and alarm upgrade we got from Amptech has given us peace of mind and it is very easy to use.”

George in Leixlip, Co Kildare

I had Amptech upgrade the house alarm from the one the builder put in. Much better solution, added a few cameras also, great job.”

Mark in Tyrellstown, Dublin

“Thanks again for the system – very easy now to check on the house with the HKC app.”

Joe in Swords, Co Dublin

“Upgraded the CCTV here at the pub, very little disruption when being done. I would recommend Amptech.”

Peter in Dunboyne, Co Meath

“After much debate I eventually took the plunge and put in an access system. Robbie and the lads were very helpful in recommending a suitable setup. Works great, I can now control the gates from the kitchen which is brilliant. Thanks again.”

Idele in Malahide, Co Dublin

“Had some work and a review done after an extension on the house, system was upgraded but Amptech reused what they could to keep the costs down which I appreciated. Would recommend.”

Susan in Navan Co. Meath

Some of our Commercial Customers

Why not contact us today and see can we make you happy?

Remote Monitoring

  • We can also offer alarm monitoring of your system through your landline or the mobile network.
  • Systems can be monitored 24×7 through our third party control centre, the alarm signals are received in an instant and the relevant emergency services are notified.
  • We can have your alarm system notify you of an alarm activation via SMS text to your mobile phone.

Access Control

Access Control

Security can start at the front door or even the gate. Today there are cost effective aesthetically pleasing access control systems that would be an addition to any home.

  • We supply a wide range of access control systems for residential, retails and commercial applications.
  • These can be PIN code operated or proximity/swipe card and/or key-fob controlled for maximum security and flexibility.
  • Integrate CCTV and Access Control to allow for remote viewing and total control over your system which can be accessed locally or remotely.
  • We have our own locksmith service available to fit for any type of lock or safe!
Maintenance Contracts

Maintenance Contracts

Amptech offer our customers the highest quality service and provide a maintenance contract to which we will inspect on an annual basis:

  • Intruder Alarms
  • Fire Alarms
  • CCTV Systems
  • Fire Extinguishers

A fully detailed engineers report will be compiled after each service. Talk to us today to evaluate your needs and what Amptech can do for you.

Fire Alarm Systems

We specialise in all types of Fire Alarm Systems from domestic, industrial and commercial.  All systems are installed to IS-3218 standards whether analogue or addressable.

Fire detection systems provide the earliest possible warning of a developing emergency situation in turn can facilitate safe evacuation of people from your premises. At Amptech we can design, supply, install and commission fire safety systems.

We can also repair, maintain and service any fire alarm system. A conformance certificate will be issued for all new installations.

Amptech instal both residential and commercial systems. With strict fire regulations it is important to choose only quality products, and we do just that. All our systems can be monitored by our 24hr Call Centre Facility.

We can install, test and maintain all portable fire equipment, fire reels and signs.

Fire Detection

Amptech can protect your premises with the latest intelligent & advanced detectors to suit any environment such as:

  • Smoke Heat & Multi Sensors
  • Beam Detectors
  • Flame Detectors
  • Air Sampling


Amptech maintain all types of fire extinguishers and hose-reels to comply with the National Standards IS291 relating to the use, siting, inspection and maintenance of portable fire extinguishers. We offer maintenance and service contracts on all aspects of Fire Safety.

HKC Mobile App

HKC Mobile App

Offering convenient peace of mind
At Amptech we can provide access to the HKC Mobile App. This application gives convenient piece of mind and the ability to check on your alarm from anywhere.

Simple, easy and in your control

The HKC App delivers alarm alerts, images and messages via both audible and text notifications. Set and Unset functions, log interrogation and image capture can now be carried out from any location.

CCTV Systems

“Fewer car and property crimes are committed where cameras are located. We design/supply and install CCTV systems to capture and display day to day footage.”

The would be thief will spot them, and usually that is enough to deter them. Amptech CCTV systems can assist in enhancing overall security and using the latest in todays CCTV cameras which are very unobtrusive and designed with aesthetics in mind for the home user.

All our digital video recorders have many functions such as remote access which can allow you to view from anywhere in the world over the internet or on your smartphone.

  • AmpTech have a special home package of digital video recorders and cameras to suit most householders.
  • We can offer a repairs and upgrade older systems. So why not upgrade to a modern standalone digital recorder?
  • Commercial CCTV can be monitored with trained personnel who will verbally intervene and warn intruders that they are being recorded.
Security Lighting

Security Lighting

There can be little doubt that one of the most effective ways of protecting a property is with the installation of outdoor security lighting. It is also highly effective when working in tandem with surveillance systems, as the chances of a positive recognition are heightened by the presence of light. This gives property owners a much better sense of control if something untoward did occur.

Intruders typically like to work in the shadows, put them off by lighting up key areas of your property. At Amptech we can advise, install and configure security lighting to suit the environment. Coupled with a cctv system this is a very effective way to deter and catch in the act intruders.

Commercial Purposes

Commercial premises have been protected by security lighting for many years now, with business owners fully aware of the effectiveness of such a system, many householders have now realised the benefits that security lighting can bring in the fight to keep their homes and families secure.

Although it is still advisable to have another method of security in place, such as an alarm system, the mere presence of lighting is enough to put off many would-be intruders.

For Business

For Business

Whether it is Intruder Alarms, CCTV or Access Control Amptech can deliver a range of services that can be blended or tailored to suit your needs.

If you need a specific aspect addressed or need a total solution we can help you get the result you want at a price that fits. We pride ourselves on having the best solution in place for our customers.

Access Control
Alarm – Intruder
Alarm – Smoke / Heat
Clever Integrated Intercom Systems
Remote Monitoring
Security Lighting