CCTV Systems

“Fewer car and property crimes are committed where cameras are located. We design/supply and install CCTV systems to capture and display day to day footage.”

The would be thief will spot them, and usually that is enough to deter them. Amptech CCTV systems can assist in enhancing overall security and using the latest in todays CCTV cameras which are very unobtrusive and designed with aesthetics in mind for the home user.

All our digital video recorders have many functions such as remote access which can allow you to view from anywhere in the world over the internet or on your smartphone.

  • AmpTech have a special home package of digital video recorders and cameras to suit most householders.
  • We can offer a repairs and upgrade older systems. So why not upgrade to a modern standalone digital recorder?
  • Commercial CCTV can be monitored with trained personnel who will verbally intervene and warn intruders that they are being recorded.